Our beautiful office is designed for your comfort. You will notice the immaculate condition of our treatment rooms and see our state-of- the-art high tech sterilization systems, which ensure your safety and protection.

We have many environmentally conscious measures in place such as dry evacuation systems that decrease the water use by 60 gallons per hour. We always select recycled, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable materials, cleaning agents, and consumables. Our digital radiography emits 90% less radiation for patients. Our separator units safeguard water lines when silver fillings are removed and we routinely use rubber dam barriers, which keep dust and particles from being ingested.

We always provide a relaxing atmosphere and use light-handed, gentle techniques as well as painless numbing. If you are anxious, we can prescribe anti anxiety medications you can take before your appointment as well as nitrous oxide during your procedure. We also offer extra neck and back support, noise-canceling headsets, and blankets. Throughout the treatment, we’ll take breaks whenever you need them. Before and after your treatment, we offer soothing lip ointments.

Experience and advanced training allows us help patients avoid unnecessary pain, inconvenience, and expense. Dr. Harris is a cosmetic dentist and has over a decade of post doctorate training and expertise in cosmetic dentistry.  By practicing preventive measures, we can increase success rates even for higher-risk patients. We’ll help you explore the possibilities of enhancing your smile by providing conservative, noninvasive solutions.

 My staff and I utilize the latest in technology to increase the quality of your dental care. This includes high-power magnification and headlamps to enhance precision. We use electric hand-pieces for more comfort, less vibration, and less noise. Our team also utilizes intraoral camera technology that allows us to view clear, precise images–details that may be missed by standard mirror examinations.

 Research shows that dental disease, inflammation, and oral bacteria can compromise many medical conditions and are linked to patients’ overall health. We help physicians manage potential dental-related complications in cardiac surgeries, immune system deficiencies, pregnancy, diabetes, and with chemotherapy and radiation treatments.