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My passion for art began in grade school and summer camp around the age of seven.  Drawing and painting all through grade school, art was my favorite class.  I took private drawing lessons one summer and built a drawing portfolio which I submitted to Concord Academy, to get accepted. At Concord Academy I began to paint and began my passion for painting portraits.  In college, I minored in studio art, and continued my love for drawing and painting.  All during this time, I knew I was going to dental school and believed I could use my artistic ability in dentistry.  

It wasn’t until I began reading the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry that I knew I wanted to get accredited and use my artistry to be a cosmetic dentist.  This was back in 2007 when I was first blown away by the artistic ability of these cosmetic dentists featured in this journal.  In 2017 my work was published in this journal and as I continue through my accreditation process, with two cases left, I realize how important artistic ability is to do outstanding cosmetic dentistry.   Natural talent and passion are not enough, practicing thousands of times, taking continuing education by the best cosmetic dentists in the world, and having the right materials and tools are also necessary.

Since all dentists can call themselves a cosmetic dentist, it is so important for patients to ask to see their dentist’s untouched photos of their work and inquire about their continuing education prior to embarking on treatment.  Cosmetic dentistry is artistry and if your dentist has not developed their artistic skills, they will not be able to provide you with a natural looking smile.  Next blog will focus on the topic of all dentists calling themselves cosmetic dentists and what patients need to know.