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You want to improve your smile and you have done your research on both porcelain and resin veneers.  You also want to keep your tooth structure and maintain healthy teeth.  Patients are asking about conservative cosmetic dentistry more and more these days.  They are aware of the terms “ethical cosmetic dentistry,” “minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry,” and “no prep veneers.”

It was once thought that tooth structure always needed to be removed in order to provide room for thickness of porcelain.  Since the 90s, stronger and thinner forms of porcelain have been invented and have proven successful.  I continue to use these thinner veneers for my patients which saves their tooth structure.  Even fewer dentists have learned how to hand sculpt composite resin veneers directly on top of your enamel while creating contours and colors that exactly mimic natural teeth.  On my journey to become an accredited dentist with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, I am required to perfect this skill.  What I have found along the way, is that I absolutely love creating these veneers by hand.  It is so incredibly rewarding to see the smile transformation take place.  One huge benefit of these conservative porcelain and resin veneers, is that they often require little or no numbing!

If a patient presents with larger teeth and our goal is to make them smaller or keep them the exact same size, it may be necessary to contour the enamel so that the final result does not look too big for the patient and matches their face and features.

What makes Rock ’N’ Roll Dental different from other cosmetic dentists, is that WE FOCUS ON SAVING YOUR TOOTH STRUCTURE WHILE  GIVING YOU YOUR DREAM, LIFE-CHANGING SMILE!  Our lab has the expertise and proven track record to do this.  Their focus is the same as mine, to preserve your teeth and achieve outstanding esthetics.  Ask us how we can help bring out the best in your smile!