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When improvements to the smile are desired, the shape of the gums plays a critical roll, especially when a patient’s gums show during a big smile.  An uneven gum-line creates disharmony and tension no matter how beautiful the teeth are.  Also, the gum-line in the corridor   (the corners of the smile) must be even and in harmony with the front teeth in order for the smile to look it’s best.  

Two acceptable options are possible to create ultimate esthetics.  The height of the two front teeth must match the height of the canine teeth and the height of the lateral teeth must be lower.  Or, the height of all six upper teeth must be the same.  When either of these two situations are created, the smile looks youthful and harmonious.

There are two ways to achieve these outcomes when a patient presents with uneven gums.  The first way can be accomplished when the starting differences in gum height are not severe.  In this scenario the gums are shaped with a laser and the gums heal within a few days.  If the gums are severely uneven, the patient requires crown lengthening.  This is when the bone under the gums is contoured and the gum-line heals to the new shape of the supporting bone.  Crown lengthening requires six weeks of healing to achieve the new harmonious shape.

An outstanding looking, youthful, healthy smile incorporates the balanced symmetry of the gums.  Disregarding this critical step results in an outcome that never looks fantastic no matter how natural looking and wonderful the teeth are.  Take a look at your favorite celebrity or your best friend who has a smile to die for and you will see an even balanced gum-line!


  Gums contoured at equal height and ultimate smile esthetics!